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Dr. Amy offers a natural and holistic approach to medicine, that promotes healing and wellness through healthy alternatives to traditional medicine. Dr. Amy strongly feels it is our responsibility as healthcare practitioners to encourage and to educate our patients to take care of their own health. Let the healing process begin with Dr. Amy.

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Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal medicine
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We offer solutions for a variety of common body pains and ailments. All of our individualized treatments are carefully designed to relieve your pain and help you live a happier, more comfortable life. We want all of our clients to walk out of Dr. Amy's office feeling calm, relaxed, and refreshed. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Dr. Amy is passionate about what she does. She changes people’s lives by helping them unlock their own healing potential. In her clinic, talented staff is made up of skilled healers who love passing on their knowledge and techniques off to their clients. They come from all walks of life and are united in their passion for alternative healing. They have all worked in a variety of different health care capacities, but have come together to share their passion for healing.



Balance Your Energies

Feeling like your body and soul are not exactly connected? Looking for a relaxing treatment experience? Our acupuncture treatment will put your body at ease. Take some time out of your busy day to begin to heal yourself the right way. Dr. Amy can pinpoint any spot that may be experiencing pain or discomfort and treat you accordingly.
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Relax & Rest

Our Scalp Acupuncture treatment will easily help rejuvenate your senses and invigorate your muscles. When you are better relaxed, you tend to make healthier choices, which in turn results in healthier lifestyles, and ultimately in a well balanced individual. Book your appointment today to start your healing journey.


Facial Rejuvenation

Come see Dr. Amy to have glowing,radiant, younger looking skin. Cosmetic Acupuncture is helpful to minimize or eliminate fine lines and improve the look of deep wrinkles. It will help you feel both inside and outside of you rejuvenated. 


Clear energy pathways

Our cupping treatment will easily help  loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate your nervous system. Many USA olympians claims cupping benefit as “That's been the secret that I have had through this year that keeps me healthy. It's been better than any money I've spent on anything else.”
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No needle Acupuncture

Afraid of needle sensation? No problem. Dr. Amy can treat you without any needle yet extremely effective with Microcurrent and Microlight.  It works to relieve blockage and pain in a similar way as acupuncture by clearing stagnation and poor circulation.

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Treats 500+ conditions

It was a special technique developed in Europe. Auricular acupuncture is very effective by stimulation certain ear points to reflects the entire body to treat varieties of conditions including pain and hormone balance.
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Acupuncture old book

“Within minutes of my first session at Dr.Amy, I could feel my stress and worries melting away. My therapist took care of me, making sure I was comfortable each step of the way.”

Jonathan Smith

“I’ve never felt better or more in tune with my body. I felt comfortable with the staff, and my therapist was there with me through every step of the way. Thanks Dr.Amy, I’ll definitely be back. ”

Michael Stones

“My migraines are finally gone, and I can begin to live my life again. I can’t express how wonderful it was to work with Dr.Amy, and I will surely be back again in the near future.”

James Owen

“Within minutes of my first session at DrAmy, I could feel my stress and worries melting away. My therapist took care of me, making sure I was comfortable each step of the way.”

Reese Mathers

Many happy patients. Watch live testimonials on Youtube

Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal medicine


Holistic Healing Professionals

Our mission is to provide our patients with an integrated and holistic approach to healing. We do not fix problems. Rather, we enrich our patients’ lives by teaching them how to self-heal and by helping them unlock their healing potential.

Our staff considers each patient individually in order to determine a series of treatments that will encourage each individual body to heal itself. Book your appointment today or feel free to give us a call to learn more.




Acupuncturist & Oriental Medical Doctor

Dr. Amy has a Ph.D in Oriental medicine. She has traveled to 130+ countries, lecturing audiences on the benefits and techniques of acupuncture. Dr. Amy has treated over 13,000 patients, and has brought her practice to Delray Beach, FL. Her first passion was playing keyboard for Yanni as well as photography. After unexpectedly  breaking her back, she discovered that acupuncture was the only thing that was able to relieve her pain. She was inspired by her own recovery to master acupuncture. Dr. Amy went to school and got both her master's degree and doctorate in Oriental Medicine.
Dr. Amy is now an expert master Acupuncturist, and has been in practice for the past nine years.


Licensed Massage Therapist.

Nancy Ann has been practicing the art of massage for the last 22 years. She specializes in medical, oriental (Amma) and Swedish massage. Her clientele includes professional athletes, which shows her ability to successfully treat patients with chronic pain. Whether you have pain or want to come in for a relaxing experience, Nancy Ann will customize the experience to meet your needs



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+1 (561) 600-8483

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